Covid-19 Updates.

Policies and Protocols during Covid-19

PLEASE RESPECT SOCIAL DISTANCING AT THE RESORT. Keep 2m (approx 6 ft) between you and other people. Thank you.

For current federal guidelines about social distancing and travel, please click here:

The COVID-19 situation is ever evolving, and as such our response as a Resort is evolving as well. We will continue to follow the recommendations and guidelines set out by health authorities to ensure the safety of our team and members while providing a safe and healthy outlet during these uncertain times.

•    All cash transactions temporarily suspended. 
Members and guests can pay by Credit Card, Debit Card, Account Charge, or Hotel Room Charge
•   Plastic shield at the hotel front desk
•   We have added extra pin pads for payments 6 feet away from the counter, plus sanitizer stations at all pin pad locations
•   Booking your reservation – We have implemented a room occupancy distancing system. Each room remains empty for a minimum of two days between the departing occupant and your arrival.
•   Checking into the Hotel – We have implemented a no-contact check-in where you credit card will be processed the day of your arrival, and details on collecting your receipt, directions to your room and key will be emailed to you.
•   Your Room – We strive to provide you a room that is as clean as possible by:
> Using Health Canada approved disinfectants on all touchable surfaces and floors
> Bed linens, including the duvet; duvet covering; pillows; pillow covers and sheets are  replaced after every visit
> Fresh towels supplied for the entire visit
> Vacuuming and dusting are maintained as we have always done
•   During your visit – For your safety and the safety of our Housekeeping staff we will not provide daily in-room housekeeping. If you are staying several days, we will drop off supplies as you need them.

•    The Sapphire Room is closed until further notice.