Covid-19 Updates.

Policies and Protocols during Covid-19

PLEASE RESPECT SOCIAL DISTANCING AT THE RESORT. Masks are required for all indoor spaces. Keep 2m (approx 6 ft) between you and other people. Thank you.

We want to welcome you as soon as we can. Due to travel restrictions in B.C. effective April 23, 2021, people are not allowed to travel outside of their regional zone until May 25, 2021. To learn more about British Columbia’s travel restrictions, essential travel inclusions, and identify which health area you currently reside in visit

The COVID-19 situation is ever evolving, and as such our response as a Resort is evolving as well. We will continue to follow the recommendations and guidelines set out by health authorities to ensure the safety of our team and members while providing a safe and healthy outlet during these uncertain times.

•    All cash transactions temporarily suspended. 
Members and guests can pay by Credit Card, Debit Card, Account Charge, or Hotel Room Charge
•   Plastic shield at the hotel front desk
•   We have added extra pin pads for payments 6 feet away from the counter, plus sanitizer stations at all pin pad locations
•   Checking into the Hotel – We have implemented a no-contact check-in where you credit card will be processed the day of your arrival, and details on collecting your receipt, directions to your room and key will be emailed to you.
•   Your Room – We strive to provide you a room that is as clean as possible by:
> Using Health Canada approved disinfectants on all touchable surfaces and floors
> Bed linens, including the duvet; duvet covering; pillows; pillow covers and sheets are  replaced after every visit
> Fresh towels supplied upon request
> Vacuuming and dusting are maintained as we have always done
•   During your visit – For your safety and the safety of our Housekeeping staff we will not provide daily in-room housekeeping. If you are staying several days, we will drop off supplies as you need them.

• The Sapphire Room is open Wednesday – Sunday starting at 5pm.
• Vaccine passports are required for entry to the restaurant.
• You may remove your mask when dining at your table.